How to Find My Federal Loans


Many borrowers do not know which type of loans they have – federal or private,  or even, how many loans they have in their name. Here is a step by step guide to finding your FEDERAL student loans:


Step One: Login to the National Student Loan Data System. website at

Okay, now you can log in to the National Student Loan Data System.


Step Two: . Click on “Financial Aid Review” then “accept” the privacy policy.

*** You’ll need to enter your:

  • FSA ID Username/Password
  • Don’t have an FSA ID? Click “Create FSA ID”


Step Three: Click “submit”

You should see the list of your federal loans, including:

What kind of loans they are

When they were taken out

How much they were for and how much is currently owed.

**You can click on numbers next to each displayed loan to see more information about the loan including the loan’s status and the servicer for that loan.

***You can download that data by clicking the “MyStudentData Download” image, or you can write down the types of loans and the names of the companies listed as “Current Servicer”.


Step Four:

Take note of what kind of federal loans you have?

PRIVATE LOANS ***If you’re loans are not listed in the National Student Loan Data System then you have private student loans. You can see what PRIVATE loan company services your loan by checking your credit report at